A Hobby to Protect the Unprotected

by Nirvana | April 14, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

When 57,721 of 8,700,000 creatures
are already almost extinct,
The pain of these endangered ones
feels so vast.
I want to save them and protect them all,
from the tiny, heroic minute salamander
to the massive, gentle blue whales.
All of them deserve to share this planet with us.
So call my passion a hobby, if you want
or call it my inspiration to change the world.
Everyday a part of my mind worries for them,
trying to make websites that will
wake up people to the problem,
trying to be a voice that speaks up
loud and clear.
For the animals who can't tell us
how much they fear
just trying to survive, to protect their kids
and keep their homes.
From cleaning up the oceans to clearing our creeks,
From making fancy posters to websites that teach,
Changing things for those who can't is my hobby
Because they aren’t just animals, they’re our family.

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