Dancing, Enjoying Nature

by Diavian | April 14, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017, Breakthrough Moments, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Non-traditional Learner

Up Down All Around the Sun goes.
My Eyes follow as it travels to and fro.
Synchronizing my Movements with its Motion.
Swaying back and forth as if I were the Ocean.
Blue Skies so High.
I ween I’m a Bird so I can Fly.
Feel its Warmth that it Provide.
No longer cold like the Night.
Its Rays burst through those fluffy Clouds.
That’s a sign Heaven gates are opening I Avow.
It sets so it rests I Declare.
So all that lay under can sleep and be Fair.
It wears its guise.
So it tells no lies.
I Trust it to go with me as I Embark on my Emprise.
Day becomes night and night becomes Day.
Let this Dance continue in some way.

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