Writing Is My Passion

by EmiLee | April 13, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Pen to paper,
Ink on parchment,
Writing is my passion.

With a few lines,
My mind is open.
Reality blends with imaginary,
I dwell in fantasy.

Impossible becomes possible.
I am a creator.
I design and bend,
I carve and mold,
I breathe life into a world of ink.

A pleasure, a passion,
My escape.
Away from pain and judgement,
I am in control.

When days are gloomy,
My stories become a sanctuary.
Not always to hide,
But to tell my own tales of struggles ending in victory.

I become a martyr, a victor,
A dragon slayer, a carefree wizard.
Through a door within the words,
I become lost with wonder.

Hours upon hours I scribble away.
A pleasant detour,
A break from my life.
A place where I’m not afraid to speak.

I become a crafter of words,
A maker of stories,
A teller of tales.
A happier soul with shoulders lighter than before.

My fingers are stained with residue ink,
As my heart is filled with love.
I take inspiration and strength,
From those who have supported me.
To write such unbelievable adventures,
To create such remarkable characters.

Pen to paper,
Ink on parchment,
Writing is my passion.

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