by Ariana | April 12, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017, Athlete/Performer

The Gold
The waves crash upon the wall,
as I wait to dive in I feel the rise and fall.
My breath quickens as I step up to the block,
The clock on the wall blaring, “Tick-Tock”
I hear that buzzer and dive on in,
Feeling the water pulse through my veins, and then,
I see the wall in front, no fear,
Three more seconds, then, I’m here.
I flip and glide, back to my stroke,
The goal is to be fast, the competition is no joke.
I pass the flags, I’m so close I can smell the victory,
There is no stopping me!
My heart beats quick, I’m almost there,
I touch the wall, throw off my cap, and let down my hair.
I was victorious!
That GOLD tastes delicious!

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