Hobby: poetry Title: Silver Moon

by Alexis | April 12, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

She shines bright as
Her light glows against the night
Beautiful, wonderful, special
Silver Moon

She's one of a kind
A small piece of existence
From nature Herself
Silver Moon

Beauty in its everlasting glow
Is unbearable.
Loved by few, She struggles against life
Silver Moon

She feels as if hope can be lost
Perhaps She is right
But friendship lasts forever
Silver Moon

She is jealous of Her sister
The Sun is bright, comforting and warming
The people awake and alive for that day
Silver Moon

But when She comes out of Her
Resting place to welcome Her people,
She is abused as She sees no one there
Silver Moon

She weeps as She travels the sky
Wanting one person to care
Little does She know that She is loved
Silver Moon

Shadows hide in jealousy from Her glory
But, oh, little do they know
The beauty contained in Her
Silver Moon

She prepares to visit the other side
Of Her beloved world
When She notices one lonely person
Silver Moon

The human looked up, smiling at Her
Her, She thought, Her
Can the Shadow conquer the Phoenix?
Silver Moon

She cries tears of joy as She sees
The human, looking upon Her, happy
That She is there for another night
Silver Moon

For all She cared, the world could hate Her
But this person, this one single human
Loves Her more than Her own sister could
Silver Moon

She smiles as She floats quickly
Across the blood-stained sky
Awaiting Her sister to rise
Silver Moon

She travels to the next part of Her world
Never forgetting that beautiful smile
From someone who loves Her so
Silver Moon

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