by Hope | April 11, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017

Diving In
You step up on the block, hoping to beat the clock.
You bend down and take your grip, trying hard not to slip.
The light flashes and then dings, and you fly through the air as if you had wings.
You emerge in the crisp cool water, and start the stroke feeling hotter.
You reach the second black line, you look right then left & they're only at the first line. Must be a sign!
You take in a deep breath and hear the cheers, as the end of the your lane nears.
You get to the wall and flip then push, and you hear the crowd shush.
Your body is tired and the competition is gaining, you kick as hard as you can and your splashes feel like it's raining.
Your at the middle of the aqua water, trying not to falter.
Three more arms to the sweet finish line, and you know you'll be just fine.
You touch the padded wall, and get out of the pool and feel like your gonna fall.
You look at your time up there in red, and nod your head feeling like led.
You talk to your coaches and their proud of your race, as you congratulate your team mates with praise & grace:)

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