by michael | April 8, 2017
Poetry Contest 2017
Chess, a battle of wits, a battle of skill. Tentions run high as the clock starts ticking, the battle is beginning. Out come the pawns, the footsoldiers of your army. A knight suddenly springs forward, gracefully leaping through the air. Your pawn is in danger, you must make a command! Your pawns' best friend jumps forward two "If you kill her, I'll kill you!" He shouts as the battle rages. It was a fierce war but just as all wars do, it eventually comes to an end. You're all alone, with only a pawn. You feel all hope is lost, a rook and a knight are closing you in. You start praying, pleading with God for a miracle. You look over an notice something strange, your little pawn is glowing bright, shes made it to the other side! She's changing, transforming, growing real tall. The once small and useless pawn is now a wonderful and beautiful queen! She swoops in for the save, eliminating the knight. It's you and the queen versus him and a rook. The battle goes on until finally he's made a mistake! Your queen takes the rook, the day is yours! Just then their king bolts, your queen on the chase. At last, she corners him, you've won the day! You clap, you jump, you celebrate and rejoice! The queen though....she just misses her friend.
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