K12 is the BEST!

by Mava | March 12, 2013
Working Student
Hi. My name is Mava. I am 13 years old. I am an 8th grader from IQLA. I am going to tell you a story about what happened to me before I came to K12. I went to public school all my life. Students in my old school used to discriminate me and hate me. They called me names, made fun of my hair, and joked about me. They said that I was ugly, fat, stupid and that I acted like a baby. I have always been very shy in my life and I had only a few friends. All the other kids in my class had boyfriends and girlfriends, and always talked about adult things and bad things. I was never interested in any of those. That is the reason they made fun of me. I had no courage to say anything to them. I kept quiet and let them call me all those names. My heart was breaking and my eyes were getting filled with tears but I controlled myself and didn't let a single tear roll down my eyes. I complained to the teachers but the teachers never believed me. Going to school was very hard for me because I had to go to school early in the morning (earlier than the school time) so that I could have a place to sit. Otherwise, other students would take the seats and give me the back and dirty places to sit. I couldn't have my lunch properly because bullies always wanted to snatch people’s food away so I had to hide from people and have my lunch. Sometimes, I didn't have any place to hide, so I couldn't have my lunch. In PE class, the teacher made the students run all around the playground even when it was too hot and sunny. The toilets were very dirty that I couldn't even enter the toilet. I had to wait until I went home to use the toilet. When I came home after school, it was usually four o’ clock. I had no energy to do anything and was very tired, so I just went to bed and fell asleep. I had bad eating habits and sleeping habits after going to that school. My health was very bad and I became very skinny, which was not good for my health at all. I couldn't study properly, eat properly, or sleep properly. My parents decided to put me in K12, which is an online school. After I started going to K12, my life became very easy. All the problems I had were gone. No bullying, no bad sleeping or eating habits etc. Now, I have more time to do my assignments and other activities. I could eat properly, sleep properly, and go out wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted. The classes also have recordings, which means I can watch the recording whenever I want. Moreover, the teachers are very nice, not only nice, they are the best teachers I have ever met. They help me stay caught up in all my assignments, they have office hours and live help in case I have a question or I need help. They understand if I have any problem and they do their best to help me whenever they can. I am so proud to have such great teachers. The students of this school are also very nice and kind. Going to online school is like a blessing for me. Thank you so much, K12! Thanks for being the best school ever!
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