The best school choice ever!

by Emily | March 12, 2013
School Environment, Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving
Hello everyone. Well, I have twin daughters in CAVA this year and they enjoy school every day. I wish I home-schooled so much sooner since it has enriched us. I am spreading the word that homeschooling is the way to go in our small town! I truly believe 3rd graders need so much more attention than what's given at our public schools -- such as kindness and a positive, friendly learning environment – every day. Unfortunately after being so disheartened with the public school system – while I advocated for children and spoke with principals, superintendents and board members -- I realized that I had to make a change and I am so glad we did. My girls are so happy, positive and motivated to learn things we hadn't dreamed of in public school, and the world has become an exciting place for them! In contrast, I also have a son attending public school in 4th grade. The difference is that he's bored because he's forced to wait for the entire class of 33 to catch up before they can ever move forward and learn something new. I just can't wait to enroll him into CAVA next year. I now see how brick and mortar public school children are being left behind and it is such a travesty. HAPPILY, the girls are now in a wonderful school that has been such a blessing with so many benefits. Homeschooling has caused us to bond even more closely – they communicate better and are happier than I could have imagined them. Even math is fun! As a math major, I truly appreciate the fantastic way that the computer animation is utilized to teach every level of math. This promotes stress-free afternoons and evenings since we don't struggle with any homework at all any more. They now get to enjoy many stress-free breaks and also learn art, science and history. They look forward to their chess, flamenco, and french clubs every time. In other words, homeschooling is convenient and they are happy! Being in CAVA has allowed my daughters to laugh, smile and sing out very loud, even while they are learning decimals, poetry or taking tests! The girls even squeeze in their piano lessons and help me drop off meals for the homeless around their lessons sometimes. School can't get better than this. My daughters have been exposed to so many subjects in a short amount of time, and I enjoy watching them progress every day. Even their reasoning skills have jumped off the charts. If it were tangible I would hug it too. :) My daughters have an excellent teacher who listens to them (and me) – she is so helpful, positive and kind to them every time she talks and meets with them – she's an ideal teacher. My girls say how they love learning something new every single day, and I've learned a ton with them. Although I couldn't fix what is broken in our town's brick and mortar school, I certainly wish all children get this type of top-notch education so that they too can experience this very positive and terrific learning environment.
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