My Story.

by Miranda | March 12, 2013
Working Student, Breakthrough Moments, Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, From Struggling to Thriving
I am a nationally ranked competitive swimmer that was born over two months prematurely and am a severe asthmatic with a thyroid disorder. I started homeschooling two years ago because I was missing too much school due to being sick, and I joined K12 a little over a year ago. Thanks to K12, I am able to go to classes without worrying about getting sick, and I'm now healthy and in control of my asthma. Traveling around the USA to compete makes me busy and sometimes I can't do work when I'm at the other side of the country. I'm extremely grateful for K12, because I can get ahead in my classes to focus on my training and swim meets. This helps immensely when my mind needs to be set on swimming. Thanks to K12, I went to the Olympic Trials, one of my biggest dreams, my next one being the Olympics itself. There are many different athletes other than swimmers that are homeschooled with the same thing in mind as me. K12 would be one of my first recommendations to them when they want to get even better at what they do. With K12's online schooling, I can take it to the next level!
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