A New Start

by Neal | March 5, 2017
Bullying, From Struggling to Thriving, School Environment

At his old school, every day, we asked our son how his day was, and everyday, or so it seemed, he told us that there was someone picking on him, someone had pushed him, someone said something hurtful....

Eventually, after months of going to the principal, superintendent and school board, we, with our son, made the choice to pull him from the school in our town and try something new.

His first day is tomorrow and I can already say that his entire outlook has changed. He seems to be excited to attend school again. He didn't feel safe at his old school, so this is an opportunity for him to be somewhere that he is comfortable and feels safe. Feeling safe is fundamental to a child being able to learn and retain information.

Based on the support and information that we have already been shown with MNVA, I know that we've made the right choice for our son. This choice will ultimately affect our two younger children as well.

We feel confident that our children will receive the best possible education through MNVA with the school's support and knowing that we are able to provide a comfortable, happy, safe environment.

There will be no more bullying. No more dropping him off at school, praying that no one will hurt him today. No more wondering if he is suffering, alone and scared at school while we go about our day. Waiting for the time that we can pick him up. Hoping for the answers to our questions about his day to be positive, which was rarely the case.

I appreciate the security that this school option provides for our family and look forward to many more years to come.

Neal is an extremely kind, generous boy with a heart of gold. He has great manners and always wants the best for those around him, even if it means that he goes without. Neal stands up for his friends, although rarely stands up for himself, as he is afraid of hurting others. He is an extremely smart, conscientious boy who loves to challenge himself and learn new things. We cannot wait to see where this adventure leads him and our family.

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