Challenge Accepted

by Katelynn | November 8, 2016
Advanced Learner

I am 7 years old, and started out the 2016/2017 school year as a 2nd grade student at a brick and mortar school. I was not being challenged enough, so my parents and I decided to try K12 schools. I am now enrolled in Hoosier Academy Virtual School. I love it! I get to be home with my Mom and I am working on things based on my ability. Due to my higher abilities, I was able to skip the remainder of the 2nd grade and be promoted to the 3rd grade a year early! I love school. My favorite subjects are Math and Science. I plan to become a Pediatric Oncologist and work for St. Judes when I grow up. I will be able to use my love for Math and Science to help kids fight cancer. Thank You to K12 and Hoosier Academy for allowing me to do work based on what I know I can do, not just what everyone has to do!

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