One Step at a Time

by Katy | October 31, 2016
2016 Art Contest

Ever since I can remember, I always knew that I had a gift in acting. I have always loved to act and reenact scenes from my favorite movies and T.V shows. My parents often found me imitating the T.V screen whenever they caught a glimpse. Yes, I would do it all the time. And to this day, I still do it. Especially with Disney, I love Disney. If you met anyone who watched a movie with me, they'd tell you exactly the same words.
But then over the years, various other hobbies have caught my eye, like the discovery of my advanced singing voice, my innate talent of drawing and art, and even a little thing called voice acting.
Voice acting is a career in doing voice overs for animated characters mostly. And not only do I enjoy it, I am good at it! Really good at it. Ever since I watched a certain audio drama on YouTube, I got hooked on wanting to be just like them and doing what they did. I am always doing voice improvisation just about anywhere, really. The store, our car, at school; my classmates thought it was weird and sometimes creepy, but I didn't care. I had a heap of fun while doing it.
Of course, don't think that this means that I gave up on acting and several other things I am capable of. Never! In fact, I have won Best Actress overall in a One Act Play competition last year, competed and won at many talent shows in my community, and participated in various art competitions. I still love and use my many talents God gave me. That's why I want to be a voice actor and an actor when I grow up. The idea and thrill of it sounds so enticing. Just thinking about the many lines to recite, collaborating with my favorite actors and actresses, walking down the red aisle one day and greeting all my fans, seeing a smile from my family, oh how I've dreamed of this scenario way too many times. But no matter what God chooses for me in my future, I can still be proud of all the many abilities and traits I cherish and truly love about myself.

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