No more worries (:

by Nayannah | March 11, 2013
Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, English
Hi my name is Nayannah, I used to live in Reno, NV. I recently moved to Stockton, Ca. My parents did not want to put me in a public school here so we started looking for charter schools near by. We couldn't find any nearby and we couldn't afford to be driving really far because gas is really expensive. We then came across CAVA K12 and at first I was like this is gonna be hard I don't really wanna do this. But I had no choice. I was already behind in school and needed to catch up fast! I enrolled in K12 and at first it was really hard. But I got used to it and every time I needed help all I had to do was K-mail a teacher and they would help me. Most of the teachers would call me and walk me through it. I got caught up in all my classes fast! My mom is really sick and me and my brothers take care of her and we wouldn't be able to help and take care of her if we were in a public school. K12 helps me take care of my mom and do my schooling! I feel K12 has helped me through everything it has changed my life around. I used to have a lot of stress on me from homework and stuff but now that I can spread out my classes and things. I feel so much happier. I am truly blessed for K12!!
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