One With Plants

by Alina | October 31, 2016
Once I have graduated High School, I would absolutely love going to a university to study biology and specialize in Botany and plant biology. Once I earn my degree, I would love to become a botanist and work with a company to research plants and deal with plant conservation. I would also eventually want to work with the Peace Corps and/or other organizations to use my knowledge to help others learn the basics of growing their own food to sustain themselves if needed. I have always been drawn to plants, whether they are trees that tower over us, small flowers that grow beneath our feet, or fruits and vegetable that we eat. I enjoy learning about biology and plant systems are very interesting to me. I feel that there is a need for people to help in this area. Especially with climate change and other environmental factors, we must learn how to conserve and protect the natural world as well as help the human race by gaining knowledge of plants.
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