I want to be an Author

by Amelia | October 31, 2016
2016 Art Contest
Amelia E. S. is an independent writer who writes science fiction, YA Romance, poems, and modern poem books. Amelia E. S. has been a very creative person since she was a young girl. She's very artsy, and has been doing different forms of art, for as long as she can remember. But, she never imagined writing series books, or writing in general. Now, she's obsessed, and has a passion to write. Hi! I'm Author Amelia E. S. I publish YA Science Fiction Horror Series, Poem Books, Children Books, and more! Here's some of my work Lucid Umbra People by Amelia E. S. The Verum by Amelia E. S. Vision by Amelia E. S. FALL MODERN WORDS (SEASON Book 1) by Amelia E. S. Trick or Treat it's Halloween (Moments in life Book 2) by Yai Smith Illustrator) First Day of Elementary School by Yai Smith {Illustrator/Publisher) So, When I grow up I want to invest in my writing, and write more books. Hopefully investing in print books soon, and signing with a top publisher.
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