K12 Makes It Possible to Sleep AND Swim!

by Tony | February 11, 2013
Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle
Our son, Nikita, and daughter, Ana, have always been active in sports. They enjoy spending time with their friends and being active and healthy. A year ago they both decided that they wanted to try competitive swimming. And, from the time they began, they both loved it. They now swim for the University of Texas Longhorn Aquatics swim team. Nikita swims five nights a week and Ana swims three. It is a fantastic opportunity for both of them to receive superb training in a world-class facility. However, there's one drawback. We live thirty minutes away from the swim center and we don't get home from practice until after 8:00 pm every night. Of course, after swimming for an hour, the kids are hungry. By the time they put away their things for swimming, eat, and brush their teeth, it is 9:30 pm and they are just getting into bed. While we love that our kids are active and involved in sports, nothing is more important than an education. These years of learning are so important because they cannot be repeated. Your kids only get ONE SHOT at a good beginning. However, in order for kids to do well in school, they have to have enough energy to pay attention and learn. They need sleep and lots of it! This is where K12 has saved us! When our kids were in public school (before swimming), they had to meet the school bus at 6:50 am. This meant that they had to get up at 6:00 am! My first grade girl was getting up at 6:00 am to go stand outside and wait for a bus. If we were still doing this, there is no way our kids could swim. It simply wouldn't be possible for them to get in bed at 9:30 pm, get up at 6:00 am, and be rested enough to perform well at school. The flexibility of K12 allows us to adjust our schedule to accommodate the other things we value in life. If our kids sleep until 7:30 (or even 8:30 sometimes), that is okay! As soon as they get up, they eat breakfast and begin their studies. We are able to develop a learning schedule that allows us to incorporate other activities. While we value education above any other activity (including swimming), that doesn't mean that we want education in exclusion to other activities! If it wasn't for K12, many of these other activities would simply not be possible. Thank you, K12, for giving us an opportunity to educate our children in a safe environment while still allowing them to be involved in the activities they love!
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