What I want to be when I grow up

by Dennis | October 30, 2016
I wanted to be a skater when I was 6 years old. I've seen skaters like Chris Cole, and Nyjah Huston skate when I was little. I used my brothers skateboard when I was 8 and skated around with my neighbor. After about 2 years of using that board, I got a new really good one and tried to do tricks. I spent a year just trying to skate around it then spent 6 months trying to Ollie (a basic jump) and then I spent about another year learning grinds on my sidewalk and Ollie off curbs. Then 2 months ago, I started to learn kickflips (the skateboard flips 360 degrees under your feet) and I've landed it sometimes with luck, but I can't land it first try all the time. Usually if the weather is bad, I can't skate because the humidity which ruins the wood, I would use my fingerboard which are skateboards for fingers. I collected them since I was 7 and I have a small collection. I also would ask for skateboarding video games. I've used three skateboards the past 3 years, and I love the new one I got last month which is my favorite skateboard brand, plan B owned by Chris cole. I've been inspired by Chris cole who owns Plan B skateboards, Nyjah Huston, who owns the element skateboards, tiny hawk, who owns Birdhouse skateboards, and a skater who has a YouTube channel, AndrewSchrock who owns revive skateboards. I really hope I can make it big someday with my skateboarding and drawing talent!
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