"Love Potion"

by Angelique | October 29, 2016
2016 Art Contest
Angelique expresses her desire to be an Art Major and a Famous Artist just like a friend of mine; Toby Gotesman-Schneier from New Jersey. Angelle has Autism plus a number of co-morbidities and painting has always been a comfort safe zone for her to express herself and ideas as she interprets life. A mainstream school advisor (Ms. Georgia Tan) saw one of Angelle's drawings years ago and asked her if she could make a copy as they reminded her of a Picasso painting she saw in Paris, France that summer. Angelle signed and dated her work copies for Ms. Georgia and has been even more excited to create artwork! Angelle is super great as a fashion designer, but she prefers to create artwork as it inspires her in daily life.
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