The Art of Life

by Emma | October 24, 2016
2016 Art Contest
Ever since I was younger I was never without my drawings, I’d bring them to school, bring them home, give them as gifts, hide them in drawers, and hung them wherever I was allowed. Everywhere around me there was countless pencils, pens, markers, and drawings; and that’s the way it still is today. It started small, just little stick figures, your average little kid drawings, but I always dreamed of making them into something more. I want to be an artist when I grew up. I want to walk down the halls of a museum one day and see a crowd of people gathered around my art. I want to make people stare in awe and wonder as their souls got a small bit of relief from this twisted world and find joy in a glimpse of an eye. I want to make something that flaunts off the beauty hidden in plain sight so that maybe, maybe I could make someone smile and let them know this world isn’t quite as bad as it seems. Things can be hard and rough in life, and I know one little picture doesn’t seem like much, but surely there’s got to be a reason why we have art museums. To me, life is a work of art all in itself. Full of bright colors as well as dark, and ragged edges and smooth lines, full of highs and lows, yet they all add up to make something amazing no matter how you do it. So, when you can find life all summed up into one immense work of art, I think it helps reminds us that even the hardships we face can be beautiful in life. Even the tough times we go through can turn into something beautiful beyond belief. I don’t think people realize this fact when they look at art consciously, but I do think everyone’s souls dance a little bit when we find something that reflects what we are. I want to be an artist because life is an art, and if art didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be here today. Life is an art, and I want to show everyone that the rest of my life. As of today, I am very thankful to know that every artist’s career does not start once they go to a college and get an art degree, but rather our careers start from the moment we decide to pick up our pencils and find something to tell the world. As of recently my art has become more and more popular; currently, I have over 1,000 fans on social media, a few art awards, and even some sold art pieces. I am ecstatic with joy to know that so many people are swept away by the bit of beauty that I have found. I hope to continue to share the joy I find the world with people for as long as I live, because I simply cannot get over the smiles on people’s faces when they see what I’ve made. I cannot get over the look of someone’s souls dancing when they receive my art, and I cannot get over the bit of relief I see in someone’s eyes whose hearts remain restless from this tiresome world. I want to be an artist because I believe that even one silly little picture has the strength to change the world one smile at a time. -Emma H., MN, Gr.11
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