The Perks of K12

by Grace | March 7, 2013
Working Student, School Environment, Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Advanced Learner, English
Hi everybody, my name is Grace and this is my second year with K12 CAVA. I am a competitive tennis player and as high school drew closer, I had a choice to make. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I could attend normal public high school or I could do K12. My sister had been with K12 for a while so she could train and travel for tennis, and I knew K12 would be a great choice. Finally, I decided to do K12 so I could train harder and longer to hone my skills and get to travel without a hassle. Now, into my second year of K12, I don't regret the decision I made. The flexibility that comes with this school is amazing. I get to travel and train as long as I need, and I still learn a lot. In fact, I think my learning experience has improved because I have to manage my own schedule and stay on track with things. Nobody is babysitting me and I am independent in my studies and learning process. I have to apply myself more, but I'm definitely loving this whole journey. As a child, I was involved in many activities. I did gymnastics, judo, piano, basketball, ballet/tap dancing, swimming, and of course, tennis. Yet as I grew older, I had to prioritize my activities. I went with tennis. But I didn't give up everything. I was on the swim team for about 6 years, and I am still playing piano. And now, I have added more things. I can now play the flute, I am really into yoga, especially bikram yoga, and I am really into baking and making healthy desserts and other kinds of yummy food. There have been so many perks to being with CAVA, but of course there were some downsides. Before I began CAVA, I was really involved in my school. I was editor for our school yearbook, vice president of the service club, and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Also, I did a lot of volunteer work around school. I really miss those aspects and just being in a club/group surrounding, but now, I just do those things in different ways. I photograph and document interesting and fun points of my life, and I play tennis so I am very involved with other people. It's like nothing even changed! Except that now I attend a school that gives me a lot more freedom, allows me to have a very flexible schedule so I can accommodate my tennis training hours and other activities that I love to do on a regular basis (playing the piano and flute, doing bikram yoga, reading, and baking!). In the end, it is totally worth it. K12 CAVA is the best and I have experienced a learning process that is truly quite amazing. K12 CAVA has been really good, and I plan on staying here for awhile... or as long as I can! I am a sophomore after all! Thank you CAVA for allowing me to pursuit my dreams and for letting me broaden my horizons and open me to new things. And thanks, for allowing me to be able to do what I love... which would be: playing tennis. :) -Grace :)
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