The Impact of K12

by Jahrell | March 7, 2013
Working Student, School Environment, Non-traditional Learner, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Advanced Learner
My name is Jahrell, and I am a high school senior at TXVA. My journey with K12 started long ago in northern California, where my older brother and I were enrolled in CAVA. I started in fourth grade, and I thought it was the neatest thing ever. I had never been in a school where everything was geared toward me and made to catch my attention while providing fun activities (not to mention the free computer). This was my first experience homeschooling, as I had been in public school until then. Sadly, my K12 experience came to a pause when my family and I moved to Texas. I was enrolled in my local public school, which wasn't too bad until I reached middle school. My junior high experience was not great. I loved music, which is what kept me going, as I was in the orchestra there, but I was a bit of a social outcast and teachers were rude and unfair. By the time I graduated middle school, my parents had decided that we were going to home school me through high school. Immediately K12 came to mind from our past experience at CAVA. After a bit of searching, we were enrolled in TXVA. This seemed to be perfect timing, because until that year, TXVA didn't have a high school program, but had just added 9th grade by the time I enrolled. I'd like to say my K12 experience was peaches and roses like fourth grade, but getting adjusted was tough after so many years of traditional public school. It took some organization, dedication, and focus to fully take advantage of the great things K12 had to offer. Once I got used to it, I found some enjoyment in the flexibility and ingenuity of the K12 environment. ClassConnects are fun to be a part of, because everyone gets to put in their "digital" contribution. With K12, I've been able to continue my love for music with my enrollment in the Tyler Youth Orchestra, because I can wrap my own school schedule around the other things in my life, like church and work. Each year I've advanced with TXVA, they have added the next grade level for high school into their program. Now after four years of the program, I'm going to be part of TXVA's first graduating class. I think K12 has better prepared me for a college environment with the accountability it requires and the maturity expected of their high school students. As I graduate this year, I'll never forget how K12 has helped me in my success.
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