K12 Young Scholar

by Jenny | March 6, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, Athlete/Performer, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Advanced Learner

Advanced learner, golfer, and volunteer through music outreach at the age of six are all possible to my daughter with K12. My daughter started her education when she was at preschool. With the strong recommendation from our friend, we decided to sign up K12 for her in the Fall of 2012 as we hope that the K12 curriculum can continually challenge her to some extent. Over the 100 days with K12, she has made a great progress on her studies and has developed a better character and morality:
1) K12 curriculum satisfies her curiosity about this world. She has successfully completed her two grade-level studies, and currently is working at 4th grade-level coursework. This is the program that allows her to work in a full capacity till she can realize her potential to the maximum level.
2) With K12, my daughter has a very flexible time to do extracurricular activities. Sometimes she does her study at night to accommodate her other activity’s schedules during the day. In addition of one hour church choir rehearsal on Wednesday and one hour piano lesson on Thursday, she needs to go for one and half hour golf lesson and practice golf at least three hours each week. The best record was that she made one eagle and two birdies when she played a 9-hole golf tournament on February 22, 2013.
3) Thanks to K12, she has a lot more fun stories to share with seniors at two different senior care facilities. She has been involved in their inter-generation programs, and she volunteers her time reading some stories from K12 Classics for Young Readers. She plays different characters so lively that seniors love to listen to her stories. It is worth mentioning the Christmas Caroling during Christmas 2012, besides she sang some Christmas songs, she also played the following music on keyboard: Away in a Manger, O Come, All Ye Faithful, Silent Night, Up on the Housetop, Amazing Grace and Joy to the World.
This has been a wonderful school year for my daughter. We are deeply grateful that her supportive teachers at K12 have provided her all the possible opportunities to succeed at her early age.

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