by Katherine | March 5, 2013
Non-traditional Learner, From Struggling to Thriving
My daughter never went to a public school very much, until we moved back to Wisconsin in 2008. She was mainly in Department Of Defense Schools, because her Dad was in the military. We didn't have a lot of problems there, but once we ended up here in Clintonville, that is when our world was turned upside down. She was diagnosed with Asperger's and Epilepsy when she was a young child, and was put into special classes to help her with her education. I sent her to a brick and mortar school, a happy and well adjusted child. But within a year, she started getting into a depression. She would come home from school and lay on the couch all day. She became very withdrawn to the point that I had to do a lot of the talking for her, because she wouldn't talk to anyone. The problem was she was getting bullied by teachers and students. On top of that, her math and reading levels never moved up. Once I learned about the suffering she was going through in school, from what she was telling me, and also seeing her IEP's, I decided to take her out and home school her. The homeschooling was going okay for the first couple of years, but then it fizzled out. Something had to give. I was left with the painful decision to try and return her to the a public school and see if we could work things out. When I did, the bullying started up again. I was getting called to the school all the time to pick her up. I would just cringe when the phone would ring because I knew it was the school on the other end. I felt uneasy about dropping her off at school, because I didn't know what to expect next. I was left with no other choice but to take her out again and try and make the homeschooling work, because the public school was not an option for her anymore. I really struggled and prayed about it. When I would go into the stores to buy curriculum, I was getting stomach aches, and biting my lower lip because I was fighting back the tears. I was trying to figure out how and why everything went so wrong? I was hoping for a miracle, and it happened when I enrolled her into online schooling. She just loves it! It is something for just her. She has come out of her shell, as far as talking to people, She walks around with her head up high now. She is learning, and finally getting credits for her high school years. Her education is no longer a struggle for any of us. It did start out kind of shaky at first, because she was using her old habits from the brick and mortar school. But now that she sees how easy it is to do, and the fact that she can get good scores on her tests. She has her love of learning back -- something she lost through those hard years. Now she talks about when she finishes school she wants to get a good job and have a nice house. She finally has hope for the future. The only regrets I have about online schooling, is that I didn't apply for it sooner.
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