A New Beginning of Success

by Toni | March 5, 2013
Hi everyone my name is Toni. I'm 14 years old with three brothers, so I'm really not a girly girl that wears dresses and skirts. Before we started K12, my mom was teaching us. It was hard because my dad lost his job and we couldn't buy the books we needed, so we fell behind. My granny died the next year in April, so we flew to California for a month or two and we got behind again. When we got back from California, we lost our house and we lived in a hotel. It wasn't our first time. It was our third time, so we were used to it. My dad struggled to find a job so we had to eat noodles for months. None of our family members wanted to help us because we were home schooled, but after awhile we got back on our feet and my dad stayed at his new job for 4 years. In 2010, we started K12. My brothers and I didn't really like it, but my parent knew it would save us money and give us the education we need. The first year was hard because we wasn't used to doing so much work, so we got F's on our report cards the first time. The second time we got a little bit higher, and on the last two report cards we got A's and B's. Our parents were so proud of us. They knew we could do it. The best part of that year is when our teacher told us we learned two years of work. It felt good to feel smart for a change. The second year was way better. We were all on target. We got all A's and met new friends. And that was the year I started to be independent. I was doing everything on my own. I was passing all assessments, unit assessments, and even semester assessments. I was one good independent girl at the age of 12 and 13. This year I'm in 8th grade, still independent with a brain that loves to learn. I love to challenge my brain and teach myself just like my dad. My family is just so grateful that we found K12, because that first year was a new beginning for success. We can't thank God enough and K12 for giving us the education we need. Being home schooled is amazing! You work on your own pace, we get to study God's word and get closer to him, and that is so important to me and my family, so I want to let everyone know if you chosen K12 to be your school, you made the right choice. Thanks K2!!!!!!! Go TXVA
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