Flexibility and Quality

by Melanie | March 5, 2013
School Environment, Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle, Homebound/Medical, Math
I am on my 4th year of schooling at home with K12. I love the quality curriculum and honestly feel like my girls are getting the best education. The math program is excellent and laid out in a way that really provides a deep understanding of math and they are ready for the next year to learn new skills and build on old ones. I can't pick a favorite subject they are all so well done. But my kids always pick art and science! I love watching their light bulb moments where they learn or realize something new. I wouldn't want to miss how they apply what they have learned into their lives. Learning is just a part of our day and because of all we share our family is closer. One of my girls has ADHD and schooling in a quieter less distracting environment makes the most of her school day and provides her more opportunities for success. I also love that if we want to take off for a week a small suitcase holds school and we are ready to go and experience a new place and all the while stay current with school. K12 is an amazing choice of education and I feel so lucky to have found it!
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