by Amanda | March 5, 2013
Family Values
K12 has made my life into what I had hoped it to be. I am a stay at home mother of four children. Without the ability to use the virtual academy, I would never get the opportunity to be involved in their education. My children range from 7th grade down to kindergarten and I would have to be spread very thin to stay involved with each. Now we can spend our days together, have time to learn different and exciting things, and live the life we choose instead of having our schedule dictated to us. My kids are learning so much and getting an education that far exceeds what I could expect them to receive at a traditional brick and mortar. K12 has given me the tools, support, and structure I wouldn't have been able to give them on my own, as I have no educator training. I can't say that every day is peaches and cream, it takes lots of determination and hard work. Making a schedule and sticking to it is the biggest thing in our home. Allowing the children to have a part in their schedule, also reminding them of their goals and the school established deadlines, helps in keeping them motivated and on track. I wouldn't trade the time with my children for anything. Thank you so much K12
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