by EILEEN | March 2, 2013
Breakthrough Moments
Four years ago I made the decision to home school my daughter. She was just starting the 1st grade and I was terrified. I'm not a teacher, I don't know how to teach English, or math, or any subject...So many thoughts went through my head. But I had to do it, I had no choice. My daughter was born with only one kidney and at that young age I had to be with her all the time making sure she was getting enough water in her system. When I found out about K12, it just sounded too good to be true....But for once it was not just good but better than what I had ever dreamed for my daughter's education. Choosing K12 was the best decision I made. I have the confidence now that I didn't have when I first started. So much that my 6 year old is now in his 2nd year with k12. It changed our lives, because I know exactly what they're learning and I get to be part of that experience. I take pride in how much they know and have learned. We are constantly referring other friends to K12, and letting everyone know that this school is more than just sitting in front of a computer. You are truly making and inspiring great minds for the future. My daughter's health is great and now that it's been four years, we I look back, and are just amazed of how far we've come. I wouldn't change it for anything else. So to the staff and people who work in K12, thank you for inspiring my children with the curriculum you provide. I am a proud parent of two amazing, and intelligent K12 Students.
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