The Story Behind the Closed Doors

by Rene | March 1, 2013
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It was Dec 2 and my first son, Cannon, had just turned 5. Wow, I thought, he is going to start school soon. What am I going to do? For years my husband had been throwing around the idea that we are going to home school. In my mind, I thought I'd have plenty of time to change his mind. Well guess what, I didn't have enough time. It was like I went to bed and woke up and my son was now 5. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about his education, but I knew God left me in charge of it. So my husband and I spent many hours looking at school opportunities and what did we find? Dead ends and lots of expensive options. I knew we couldn't afford it, but really we couldn't afford not to do it. So, I kept looking and I came upon the K12 Virtual Home schooling program and at no cost. I thought, OK, it is free and it is done at home. WOW! Then I sat back and wondered, is this going to work for my son and me? Well, it has been working! We are now in our second year of school and it has been a huge success for us. Not just having the chance to see my son excel, but being able to help him and watch him excel. My son and I have a wonderful relationship and it is nurtured everyday by using the K12 program. We have grown to love the chance that we have together learning to sound words and build math problems and watch as we go through our life history together. K12 has had a HUGE impact on me and my son. Both of us were new to the school idea and both of us had low in self-esteem and little confidence in our abilities. K12 has helped build me into a great role as Mom, friend and teacher. My son, who is ADHD, can succeed at his own pace and do well at it. I sit back now and Thank God everyday that I came across that website with determination to find the perfect fit for my son and me. So what does this all mean? Well here it is summed in one word: SUCCESS! That's what K12 means to me and my son. A child who once would only look at picture books is now reading books. Thank you K12. I am one Proud Mom for taking the time to give my son the best there is and that is what K12 has offered me. There are no more closed doors in this house.
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