Having a Dependent Curriculum

by Rouziet | March 1, 2013
Family Values, Flexibility/Lifestyle
I have never been to a school before, public or private. My parents have always home-schooled my brother and me. We have been with K12 for about 6 years and so far we are still loving it. The courses are excellent and its easy for my mom to teach (she doesn't know that much so she's basically learning with us! lol!) I am always confident that I am getting a good education right here in my room. A lot of people ask me how can I stand being in my room all day all by myself, but when you think back to it, sitting in a classroom all day is no better. At the same time, many kids tell me how lucky I am to be home-schooled. I have had enough experiences in life to have a vivid picture of what public school can actually be like. Homeschooling doesn't really have any cons, I can still get out and have a social life. Another great thing about homeschooling for me is that it adjusts to my busy schedule. I don't have to worry much about gymnastics and other sports getting in the way. I also have the opportunity to give more time to the subjects I love most or that need extra attention. Sometimes my mom, brother, and I will head out for a field trip at the local educational centers or museums. Other times, if its a nice day, we'll school outside at a park. (My mom really loves that we can take our school with us on the go, and that we are not limited to where we can study.) We all love watching and studying the birds around us, too. The most important reasons of why I love homeschooling (and why I have never actually been to public school) are that I have few distractions (looking out my window is really the only one), no bullies, no inappropriate behavior going on around me, and I am not in a bad or harmful environment. K12 has made it easier for my mom to be a stay-at-home mom while my dad works. (She really likes to be with us and can't stand it when we are away too long.) It's also easier for her to teach us, since my brother is younger and needs more attention, she can devote more time to him while I work with the online program. I love working in my room, independently and proficiently, knowing that I am receiving a good education. And so far, only K12 has provided that. Thank you K12 :-)
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