The 80's in 3D

by D'Quri | October 30, 2015
2015 Art Contest
The 80's in 3D I have always favored history and what it has given to me. Whether it was an old toy from the 40's to a rock band in the 70's. The year that caught my attention the most was the 80's. It seemed like a time where many spectacular things were created as well as many memorable events in the world. The 80's were a time in life that I always reflect on as fascinating and innovative. The pictures resembles a pair of 3D glasses that includes many things 80's related. From The 8-bit videogame Pac-man and artwork from Keith Haring, to the movies like Ghostbusters and Star Wars. These pictures represents a few things that I found interesting about the 80's. The picture reflects different items based on this decade from 6 different categories such as music, toys, movies, art, technology and world events. For toys I added Vision Master binoculars, a Rubik's Cube, and a happy meal box. For movies I added the Ghostbusters logo, The scene of E.T. where the boy and the alien are soar across the sky , and the helmet of a clone from the Star Wars series. For games and technology I added the Pac-Man game, a boom box, The IBM logo since they introduced the world to personal computers, and a background visual which was a popular art style in this decade. As for world events I added the Mtv logo, the Rolling Stones logo, and the parental guidance logo as these three things began in the 80’s. As for art I added some artwork from the artist Keith Haring. I love how things are now, but I always found things from the past far more interesting. The 80’s had many great things to give, but once the 21st century came around things changed. People switched over to technology of today. It's like that old saying " out with the old, in with the new." I would just hope that people have not forgotten all the good things that came from the 80’s.
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