Future Time

by Aaron | October 30, 2015
2015 Art Contest, From Struggling to Thriving
I am the mommy of Aaron, and am submitting his artwork and typing what he says: In the "future time" we are going to have lots and lots of food. We are going to be able to ride on sharks and go swimming in the water. And in the water, even if there are poison fish, we can still go in the water and they won't hurt us. Now, we get to build a house all by ourselves or we could have a friend come help us. Your house could have different colors if you want like mine. We can go in the water all by ourselves. We can go visit all different countries by ourselves and not be taken by strangers because no strangers will be there. We will have lots of food every day and we can grow our own plants. We don't have to work for money, never, in the paradise because everything will be free. Jehovah will give us all the things we need. Jehovah is God, the God in heaven.
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