Me at the Disco

by Serenity | October 30, 2015
2015 Art Contest
(I am submitting on behalf of my daughter, Serenity. She dictated her own introduction.) I chose the 1970s because that is when my dad was born and he's knows lots about it. My picture shows a disco. The people are dancing to loud disco music. I used lots of different colors for the walls to show the lights that flashed and moved at a real disco. There are 3 disco balls, too. Those make lights go all over in pretty patches. The dance floor lights up, so each square is two colors so you can see they are lit up. I even gave the guys big collars on their shirts that stick out like their fingers when they dance. Disco looks like a lot of fun and I like to dance. That is why my disco picture has me in it. I am the one with the rainbow pants on. I would wear really big bottomed pants at the disco if I could go to one. My dad said that some people had fish in their shoes. I feel sorry for the fish being danced around everywhere, though, so none of my shoes have fish in them. They are just high platform shoes so everyone can be extra tall.
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