This is me...

by keaton | February 28, 2013
School Environment, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, History
I am sure everyone has a story, but I always want to share mine so no one else goes through what I did. I was a victim of bullying. I always came home crying to my mom begging to leave school. The bullying was not intense during my elementary years, but it still would hurt me. My mom told me middle school would be better, but truly I was having a horrible time. The classic words "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" was a lie to me. The words hurt most. I had nightmares all the time about these kids. High school came and my 9th grade year was the climax of everything. I was constantly being made fun of and I came home crying. I begged my mom please take me out. I had to make myself into a false image just to be alone. I lost all my friends for awhile because I became mean and nasty. I would hurt myself and do all these things, but it would just not stop. I told my principal to do something ... and they gave me detention. The kids did not get anything. I felt hopeless and lost and sometimes considered ending my life. I was diagnosed with major depression. I think it was sometime in May that I asked if I could find information about a cyber school that could I go. My mom agreed and I began my hunt. I always saw these commercials for K12, but I never really payed attention. I was desperate to see a commercial again, but they didn't air when I was watching TV. Then summer came and I went to Hershey Park. At each roller coaster queue were these signs for K12 and unique questions. My prayers were answered! I called my mom in glee and said "Mom, I found it!" I gave her the name and she found it. I was so happy. I've been enrolled in K12 for a couple months now. Back in December, I got a bearded dragon (you can see him on my shoulder). I named him Mushu. I named him that because it reminded me of the movie "Mulan" and how the dragon acted so tough even if he was so small. It reminded me to keep strong no matter how I am. I tell Mushu everything and he is always snuggled up to me. He keeps me so happy. I have finally been able to smile and feel safe and its great to have that back!
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