New York Explosions

by Evan | October 29, 2015
2015 Art Contest
Parent: We had been speaking about famous buildings around the world from Europe, Asia, Australia and made it to North America (and specifically New York and Washington D.C.) since our recent visits to Northern VA and D.C. In this discussion as we passed the Pentagon we discussed to plane crashes both here and in New York with the twin towers. We had to look up the twin towers upon arriving home and decided to do a picture of these buildings. We spoke of HOPE, and citizenship and what things brought us together as a country. (Didn't help we just watched Inside Out, but we spoke of how sometimes bad things will promote a positive change). These two pieces he used a stencil of a cityscape and placed it on the paper to speckle with paint with the help of a toothbrush. He then decided on colors and used chalk to fill in those buildings, they did begin to smear with his repetitive movements, but we decided it looked even nicer that way. He said the red, oranges, yellow were the explosions and fire. I asked him what some sad colors were and suggested he use those as well. I suggested leaving the twin towers visible but maybe "blacking them out" since they are gone but not forgotten. Again, he choose the colors (browns, maroon, black) and colored and smeared the twin towers. These pictures collectively show where we were during that time, and a transition into where we are now. Still, I think it speaks of hope - a concept he seems to interpret as simplistically as the future.
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