Animators' Uprising

by Joanne | October 27, 2015
2015 Art Contest
I am submitting this on behalf of my daughter, Joanne. This is what she has to say as her story: "So for my theme of the decades, I've chosen the 1930's wherein the influx of cartoons began! The reason I've chosen this decade specifically is because I hope to become an animator myself one day, and those cartoons from way back when have been big inspirations to me. The cartoons that are depicted here is Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Scrappy, Cubby Bear, Looney Toons, Popeye the Sailor, Tom & Jerry, Donald Duck, and Goofy - as well as my own original character on the side there. I'm really excited to be sharing this, so I hope you all can enjoy it as much as I have, too!"
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