The Funky 70''s

by Oshn | October 25, 2015
2015 Art Contest
This is a diorama depicting the 1970's when they were popular. The medium is the message. You will see Oshn Funk dressed as a disco queen in her 70's best, a disco ball, shag carpet, and psychedelic tie dye wall paper in her funky dance studio. She watched many episodes of Soul Train to get a feel for how to boogie. She also studied John Travolta from Staying Alive to learn how to "use her walk". Oshn used the opportunity to learn about the 70's because she loves the Funky music. Oshn knows her parents were born in the 70's and listened to the BG's and Abba. She learned some history such as Jimmy Carter being president and there being a major gas shortage when her mama and papa were just babies. Oshn's favorite part of making the diorama was spreading the glitter on the letters and modeling for her photo shoot.
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