Born addicted and struggling, Now wanting to go to college

by Laura | February 26, 2013
School Environment, Family Values, Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, Science
Jaclyn loves gymnastics and is very good. She loves to ski, ride motorcycles, ice-skate, cook, go camping, hiking, vacation with the family, fish with the boys, and swim in the lake. She is up for any adventure and backpacked up a mountain sleeping on the rocks. She can out hike most of us and never complains. We adopted this adventurous soul when she was 6 months old. She was born addicted to meth. Her birth mother and sister have struggled with their education. She has really struggled in school her whole life. In an IEP meeting we were told not to expect Jaci to graduate from High School and she would probably not make it in a college setting. Jaci loves attending UTVA because she gets to wear her PJ’s to school every day if she wants to. I have watched her grow here at UTVA it has truly been impressive. She went from struggling to read in front of her teacher to being the first in her online class to raise her hand to read. She is self-motivated and looks forward to school each day. It is a pleasure to watch her improve. The special ed, classes have been so good for her and her self-esteem has risen. Jaci even enjoys math. In the past it has been like pulling teeth to teach her math concepts but she has improved and is happy to learn new skills. She loves science and researching new subjects. I have been so surprised to watch her look up answers to questions that she has. She took first in the 8th grade science fair and went on to district. I could not believe the confidence that she had as she had her interviews. What a difference in Jaclyn I am so happy with the way she is progressing. For the first time she is on the honor roll. She is able to stay on task and learn new skills. I know that she can overcome many obstacles that have been put in her path. She never gives up! She wants to attend college and I know that she can. Noah and Joey are birth brothers one year apart.They were both born with drugs in their system and put into fostercare. We adopted these loving and tender boys so full of fun and adventure. When they attended the local elementary I kept getting phone calls from the school. Noah was shutting down and feeling very defeated. He loves science and because of his learning disabilities he would get behind in class and he would be made fun of because he missed things when he left for special ed. I felt so bad for him and we only wanted him to feel happiness and succeed in life. Joey is full of life and has questions and answers for everything. He was doing okay in school but I kept getting calls from the principal because they felt he was bullying, I found out he pushed a girl because he didn't want to be kissed and a couple other incidents like it. He is kind and helpful not a bully. We started both boys at UTVA and wow what a difference it has made in their lives. Noah is a confident and happy young man. He loves school and does not have to miss any science classes. He got 3rd place in the 6th grade science fair. He is working at his own pace and learning things I never thought possible. He is not defeated and does not hang his head any longer. Noah is doing well and he is progressing at his own pace without his peers making fun of him. Joey is loving school and is still very helpful to everyone around him. As he plays with friends and helps neighbors he receives compliments about what a gentleman he is and how much he helps out. That is what every mother loves to hear. I know that going to UTVA has made a huge difference in his life and no one thinks of him as a bully. He is really doing well in school and able to learn and grow and keep his questions and wonder of life flowing. Jaclyn, Noah & Joey have benefited so much from the education they are receiving. Thank you to K12 and UTVA we are now looking forward to their future. Laura Tesch- proud mom
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