Family Traditon

by Lindsay | October 9, 2015
2015 Art Contest
Katy McClaskey, mother of Lindsay M., is submitting on her behalf. Below is her descritpion. This is the Coney Island Cafe in Pampa, Texas. It has been in Pampa since the 1930's. I am the 5th generation in my family to dine at the cafe. When she was small, my great grandmother loved when her father would "cook" dinner because that meant a trip to the Coney. She grew up and took my grandmother and mom there, and now I go when I visit. The Coney is a little piece of the 1930's that continues to hang on over 80 years later. Walking in and sitting at the diner stools is a step back in time. I painted this picture from a snapshot from a visit one December.
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