New Beginnings to Destination Imagination

by Kelly | February 25, 2013
Breakthrough Moments, From Struggling to Thriving, English
Hi I'm Kelly and I'm 16. I had been with IQ Academy Washington(IQWA) 2 years. Then recently switched to Texas Virtual Academy(TXVA) the beginning of this school year. I am very pleased with all the K12 schools. At first I admit I hated it with all my guts, but it warms up on you. Stay with it long enough and it will become the best thing ever, guarenteed. Basically I was dealt a bad hand in life. I was an abused child and placed into abusive foster homes. I moved around my whole life. Up until age 6 I met a crazy, funny, caring foster mom who loved me for me. We bonded on motorcyles and ever since have been a motorcyle family. My family is very adventurous. She adopted me at age 12, when she saw a diamond in the rough. Growing up I was always an outcast. I was bullied and I would've done anything to fit in. I became a bully, picking on those weaker than myself. I never knew who I was inside or who I wanted to be. That is, until I switched to K12. K12 was my last chance to a new beginning. I'd tried both negative and positive trials to find me. I tried to join the emo group and cut myself, running away from home, and even fighting. Then I tried positive things such as opening up and talking to my family, going to therapy, and joining the police explorers. The combination of my therapy, Police exploring, a supportive family, and most of all K12 was my key to success. K12 allowed me to meet my very good online friends, that I've had for 3 years now. They taught me independence, maturity, how to socialize, find my inner sense of self, and most importantly responsibility. There are many quality and dedicated teachers, advisors, and counselors here who helped me along the way. I could've never came this far without them. Because of this school I can travel more with my dad who works outages in the Nuclear field. My family and I travel every spring and all summer long. We go all over the US out of state. I have lived in 5 different states all over for my whole life. Starting new is like that old song I love "Total eclipse of the heart". I am now closer to my family more than I ever have, I cherish every moment, and school is so much more fun now that I've got the hang of it. School always comes first. Thank you K12 for making my life every teens dream and making me feel so happy
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